Sunday February 13, 2011

7:10 PM
The usual pile of school work and avalanche of midterms have kept me from updating! A couple of weeks ago I made an Apple Pastry Bar from the recipe in my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. Since the apple pie I made the week before was such a hit I had high hopes for this. Although tasty, my little apartment couldn't eat it fast enough and it ended up going bad before we finished it.

8 cups of apples! 

Helen is my dear friend and apartment mate who has now spent two Sundays helping me slice apples. She's the best. 

We were pretty skeptical of all corn flakes, but decided to forge on and start piling on apples. 

Coming together! The apples topped with cinnamon and sugar. 

The finished product. A giant apple pie pop-tart. Despite its ridiculous appearance and the astounding amount of corn flakes, it was yummy! 

Making this recipe used up the rest of my apples from home so I'll have to look for a new recipe to make sans- apples. I'd really like to make my own birthday cake for my upcoming 21st birthday party, any suggestions?

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