Sunday February 6, 2011

7:02 PM
Genetics problems and Greek translations have kept me from updating my blog.

I went home on January 29th and my parents sent me back to school with more apples than my apartment could eat. Instead of letting them rot I decided to try my hand at baking an apple pie. Judging by how quickly we ate it I'd say it was a success!

Pre-oven photo:

Another pre - oven photo I am so proud of those crimped edges

Fresh out of the oven!

Last picture I promise!

It didn't turn out as well as my mom's but I'm hoping I'll get better with practice. But for my first pie ever I'm pleased! The next recipe I plan to make is one for apple pastry bars - hopefully I can find the time to bake again soon!


  1. This looks awesome! I'm impressed!

  2. Yo, update your blog! You're on break! Also, I can help you customize your layout while you're home and make you a cool header.


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